Online VOD

Online VOD

All Caleidoscope Virtual Edition films will be accessible from across North America from our streaming partner Festivee. Online access will be enabled from Oct 20 - Oct 24 (5 days), 2021. The Early Bird passes will be available at $35 only for a limited time and will gradually increase. We are planning to show 25 films (features, documentaries and shorts included in multiple languages) Passes will allow you to see all content for the virtual edition of the festival. Please buy your passes today at:

You will find the emerging list of films at

A sample collection of 2021 Caleidoscope online films has been described below - however the latest complete list of online VOD films will always be available at the above festivee site.

Feature Films:


Film: Jharokh

Language: Silent

Directed by:  Aneek Chaudhuri

Synopsis: Jharokh' meaning Ventilator is a film that describes the tale of a particular room that narrates the journey of three individuals in 3 different eras.


Film: Shimul Palash Katha

Language:  Bengali

Directed by:  Ashrujit Nandi

Synopsis: Shimul and Palash growing in their abundance of innocence, suddenly fall hard in the face of separation. Deaf and mute, their language is stronger than a language could bind. Will they manage to find respite again?


Film: Priyo Chinar Pata, Iti Segun

Language: Bengali

Directed by: Kumar Chowdhury.

Synopsis: This film is a document of a turbulent time we live in. Sitting in an orphanage in Kolkata, a girl writes a letter to her Nani (grand ma), wishing if they would ever meet again. A boy is looking for the girl's lost family meanwhile. The girl is from the persecuted Rohingya Tribe, now in India after fleeing from Myanmar and lives as a refugee .The boy is from Kashmir region that has always remained a controversial and volatile territory in India. The story is about two people from different countries , they meet , move closer, dream of life together but is it possible.....


More features being added soon.

Short Films:

Film: Okiagari - North American Premiere

Language:  Bengali

Directed by:  Samik R Chowdhury

Synopsis: The story revolves around 90s Kolkata. Daichi Dutta, an average man in his late 30s, grew up being bullied for his name and various other reasons. He practices law in a leading and old law firm under a celebrity lawyer. He happens to reminisce about his past whenever there's a case of divorce and separation. And separating kids from their father hurts him a lot. Such an event happens in this story and he has to make the client (woman) win easily. Though he feels guilty as he assumes that the Man is convicted wrongfully. And he could see the love in his eyes for his kids the same as Daichi's father had for him. Daichi's father used to bring toys and decorative stuff from Japan, where he frequently visited for business. A 14th-century paper mash toy called Okiagari Kobosbi was his favorite. It's called a self-righting doll (Like the modern-day Hit-me doll). Daichi took it as his life philosophy. And whatever he has done wrongfully for the profession, he does it right in his own way. Even in this case, he has chosen the same path. An act of vanishing.

Many more shorts coming soon